How to be well referenced on the Google search engine?

The rules of the promotion are called natural referencing, for “search engine optimization”. “it’s what we call free natural SEO”

” to be well arranged in google rankings, it goes through an excellent use of keywords, their assortment with the content of each page. “your site must be too structured, secure and very quickly to parade, especially on a smartphone.

But above all, you need to present original and relevant texts on your theme. Google robots detect copy and paste from other places and will penalize you if you use them.

The keywords at the top and in bold find out what individuals are typing in the search engine and choose your keywords and words accordingly. As a general rule, people don’t type a word into the search engine without help and we (yes, me too) probably type verbs that look like infinitive verbs rather than a conjugated form (I’m going to inflict “buy a computer” and not “buy a computer”). And yes, that sounds rational to me. So why do so many web sites continue to use the imperative form? Another thing, don’t forget to put at the top of the last article and if the opportunity arises in bold the important keywords in your legislation. This makes it easier for the web user and it’s an easy way for you to check if you’ve really and sufficiently used your keywords! Improving your score on search engines is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

It’s a bigger deal that includes several actions and is worked on a long term basis. In this post, we decided to focus on one thing in particular: search engine optimization titles. They are also called tag identify or meta title.

In a more classical language, they are at most just the titles that you report to all web pages. You must first realize that you are not the first to want this! And since becoming the first one is to make all the other places go backwards in the categorizations, make sure you create an excellent site, rich, interesting, aesthetic, etc..

You will then have to understand by which means google classifies its answers and you will have to make your site correspond to the references with this engine. Our chapter on web referencing tries to draw up the essential rules to be concretized and respected for this purpose. 4 ) well informed title tags: each page of your blog has a title tag that should be well informed.

Among the 200 references on which the google algorithm is based, this is one of the main ones! 5 ) the fuel of your pages: in the display of the answers of a submission, google lists the title of your page, but also shows under this title, two lines, which most often correspond to the fuel tag of your page.

This tag consists of a term of 160 manuscript maximum which must be shop girl. If you don’t check these combustible tags, google will display two lines drawn from the content of your page and the finish may not be attractive at all.

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