It security : The last news on Windows 10

Windows 10: here are the main news of the next major update after having been long tested by insiders, windows 10 could be watching a vast update coming in the coming days.

Known under the version number 2004, in reference to its putative release period at the beginning of 2020, but very probably delayed because of the coronavirus, the new sound of this practice of exploitation of microsoft embeds more little functions.

Direct x12 ultimate arrives on windows 10 a few leagues ago, microsoft announced directx 12 ultimate. This evolution of directx 12, which will be available on xbox series x, will arrive on our PCs very soon through the 2004 update. For evocation, directx 12 ultimate proposes optimizations concerning the ray tracing technology.

Some of them concern the developers, who will have more solutions and more room for manoeuvre in the use of this tool.


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